Bulbul Apps

A mobile app for kindergarten and primary school children that makes learning fun.

UI/UX Design, Mobile App

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Mobile app screen
Bulbul Apps Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
Mobile app screen
Bulbul Apps Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
About Bulbul Apps
Bulbul App provides an interactive and gamified learning experience for kindergarten children. Through their flagship mobile app platform, they deliver rich content, beautiful stories with musical rhymes and videos. The learning experience is completely interactive and gamified to provide a very engaging experience for children. We defined the User Experience and designed the UI for the mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. The apps are currently live in the App Store and Google Play store.
Bulbul Apps UI Design screen
Responsive mobile screen
Bulbul Apps UI Design screen
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Bulbul Apps UI UX Design Approch
Our Approach

A significant challenge designing for children is determining how much control you give to the child - that the child would end up spending too much time on the app was one of the major concerns of the parents that were strongly highlighted in user research. We had to balance this with the business objective of optimizing the time spent on the app. The "parent mode" that controls the amount of time a child browses, gamification that helps better engage children, tangible rewards & incentives to help with interest and retention were all ideas we had contributed to rolling out a great design.

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