A web app for online chit-fund investments, tracking and management.

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Margadarsi Design
About Margadarsi
Margadarsi chit funds, established over 5 decades ago, took the little known concept of chit funds and made it into the popular form investment and contingency planning it is today. In the process, they turned themselves into a household name in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The company considers themselves "a lifelong friend", playing a vital role in making life easier for all those who've invested their confidence and hopes in it.
Divami was key in one of the major digital transformation initiatives - revamping their current website and rolling out a new chit fund management application for their subscribers which allows them to find, enroll and manage their chits. The company's website and the customer portal are both live.
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Our Approach

The project scope included helping Margadarsi expand their online presence. We went to various Margadarsi branches and interacted with branch managers and sales team to understand the current system. We also talked to current and past Margadarsi chit holders and understood their pain points and expectations. On this heap of knowledge gathered through research, we designed the web portal in a way which helped users quickly enroll for a new chit and manage their chit payments. The users could participate in online auction and get the money sooner while avoiding branch visits and a lot of paperwork. In terms of Responsive design approach, we made sure that primary features were easily accessible to the users. Our focus was on usability without compromising visual aesthetics.

Margadarsi UI UX Design Approch
The Details
We helped Margadarsi with our end to end UX services which comprised of Interaction design, UI design, front end development and ongoing support. The team comprised of a Design strategist and 2 designers - one UX and one UI. The development team comprised of 4-5 members including a Development Lead, web UI developers, and QA. We were able to roll out the project from concept to launch in 6 months. The application was built in React, Java with Ingres on AWS.
Margadarsi}} UI details
Margadarsi}} UI details
100% completed

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Vasista Bhavan, 3rd Floor,
A.P.H.B Colony, Gachibowli,
Hyderabad, Telangana.


10th floor, RMZ Latitude Commercial,
Bellary Rd, Hebbal,


Divami Inc, 3 East Third Ave, Suite 200,
San Mateo, CA - 94401.