Robi's flagship mobile app for their consumers.

UI/UX Design, Mobile App

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Mobile app screen
Robi Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
Mobile app screen
Robi Design | UI/UX Design, Mobile App
About Robi
Robi is one of the leading providers of innovative digital services in Bangladesh (and the second largest Mobile Telecom provider) that will make the user's life easy and convenient while giving them an enhanced digital experience. They provide services in Telecom, Music & Video streaming, Ticketing etc. The company has introduced many first of its kind digital services in Bangladesh and has invested massively in taking mobile services to underserved communities in the rural and semi-urban areas. Divami was responsible for the complete User Experience (UX & UI designs) of the Robi's flagship mobile app for their consumers - "myRobi", and it is live on both Google Play & App stores.
Robi UI Design screen
Responsive mobile screen
Robi UI Design screen
50% completed
Robi UI UX Design Approch
Our Approach

One of the main challenges Robi posed us was to make the app a comprehensive consumer services app apart from digital payments, ticketing, social connections, etc., while still serving their primary function of managing mobile plans, recharges, etc. Another challenge was to design a similar app with a slightly different set of functionality for their sister brand which served a significantly different user base. The apps had to be distinct from each other given their user bases were significantly different. In order to understand the user personas especially for the 2 brands, we traveled to Bangladesh and conducted extensive user research. We prioritized the features in a way that does not make users feel overwhelmed with the newly added features. We ensured that the most important information and action items contribute to helping the user accomplish their goal in the quickest possible way. We made sure content hierarchy was coherent to promote glanceability.

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