5 tips for selling UX UI design to clients



Working at a company specializing in design I know one thing for sure “Good design is invisible”; then, how do you sell something invisible? We know the significance of UX UI design, it appears like a common knowledge too, but when it comes to selling UX UI design to clients, it seems no one knows its importance!

A lot of prospective customers have misconceptions about UX designs and feel that UX is just a namesake, a fancier term for UI. While selling UX I come across a lot of people from different spheres- new entrepreneurs, funded start-up bosses- people who have an idea about a product, an app, or a platform but see design only through an aesthetic point of view.

Additionally, there are customers who have some knowledge of the term UX and believe it to be wireframes and nothing more without really knowing the function of the wireframes as well. But it is not always as bad, sometimes we do meet customers who have a product ready with a nice visually pleasing interface and come to us with feedback from their clients about the usability issues in the product (with poor UX of course!). 

So the question remains, is there any right way to selling UX UI design to clients?

The answer, “There is.”.

Well, here are the five things that I follow while selling UX UI design to clients:

Who’s going to reap the benefits?

Answer to this question helps bridge the gap while selling UX UI design to clients. It is about addressing the pain points of the client; making them feel that I am not trying to sell, but only trying to solve the problem they have. Which is true, but not that I am not selling it, right? Sometimes, the clients themselves are not aware of the problem or the potential problem; my job requires me to make them aware.

Building relationships

Just stating the process and answering questions may not end up in a deal. Believe it or not, emotions play a major role in selling. People buy from people they trust and believe. And selling UX UI design is not something that you can qualify with proof or sample. It is not something that is readily available to showcase. That’s why you need to establish the trust to bring clients to the discussion table. 

Finding references

Testimonies and references play a major role in convincing clients about your ability to deliver. It is important to have a list of satisfied customers who can be leveraged at various stages of selling. A good brand in your portfolio or a common connection is a good place to start. It gives confidence to the prospective customer that you have the ability as a UX design company.

Customized presentations and collaterals

Just like resumes, the collaterals have to be customized for every client based on their product type, industry, vertical, etc. Having one generic collateral may not always work when it comes to selling UX UI design to clients. The collateral- a presentation, a testimony, a portfolio, or a sample- should make them feel that you have worked on something similar in the past and/or you are adept at working on something complex and know how to simplify it without compromising on the functionality. We, at Divami, rely heavily on Invision to showcase our work to prospects. 

Consultative selling

Consultative selling requires you to be a good listener first. It is important to understand the prospective customer’s point of view, ask relevant questions, and get as many details as possible to suggest a solution. They understand you are not a designer, but they will always appreciate it when you have something for them to take away from the conversation. The clients need to know that you are not trying to sell something irrelevant, you are addressing their pain points.

In my point of view, selling UX UI design to clients is more about understanding, addressing the prospective customer’s pain, and building relationships. It is not pushing, begging, or forcing someone to buy your services. It may sound exhausting, but this is the certified formula that works. And, trust me, it does get easier with time and experience.

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