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Incorporated in 2018 and based in Hyderabad, Telangana, Divami Design Labs is a specialized UX UI Design firm. The organization specializes in the UI UX Design space since 2008 with a focus on delivering UX Strategy, User Research, UX & UI Design, and UI Development services for a diverse set of consumers.

Moreover, the company collaborates with clients on the design aspect and helps them convert those designs into pixel-perfect screens and develop applications for mobile, web, smart TV, and wearables. With 150+ clients worldwide and 12 years of industry experience, the organization is considered one of the top 10 UX agencies.

In the year 2008, when society was going through the recession’s hardships, many were losing jobs; however, some crazy ones saw the situation differently. They brought in some brilliant UX UI designers and front-end developers under one roof and called that family ‘Divami.’ For them, it was a new beginning, a quest to find them, and make their work count.

Recently, the GoodFirms team approached Naveen Puttagunta, the CEO and co-founder of Divami Design Labs. He described the idea that inspired to commence the business and the services offered for which the clients come back again and again.

Initially, the founders started building a consumer platform in the social media space. While devising and building the forum, they noticed how difficult it was to mold a decent UX UI as per one’s needs. When the platform did not work, the founders chose to fill the gap they observed in the market by spinning into a services company producing UX UI design and development. That’s how Divami Design Labs started.

The organization has catered its services to many industries like Healthcare, EdTech, Fintech, Travel & Tourism, and Logistics & Transportation. The company also caters to customer needs with a focused approach to these categories- B2B SaaS Products & Software, Consumer Apps & Ecommerce, and Digital Transformation for big corporates. Furthermore, 80% of the business is either from the existing customers or their referrals.

When brands compete for the user’s screen space, the organization takes a creative approach to stand out. The UX UI design solution is planned to solve the user problem. The experts’ team categorizes its creativity into major segments – imagination, inspiration, and execution.

Divami Design Labs’ main tenet is to know the user behavior and to put them in the end-user situation to demonstrate all these categories. The team provides the end-result, an unconventional UI and UX design solution that is embraced by end-users.

The organization does 100% of the design and UI development work with in-house team members. Some clients seldom opt for Divami to go beyond the UI as they prefer to work with a single partner for all their demands. The professional team involves some partners that they rely on to give the needed expertise and takes care of overall project management and delivery.

Continuing with the interview, Naveen divulges that with 12 years of industry expertise, Divami has established a framework that delivers fantastic results by focusing on user research and fulfilling clients’ expectations. The team outlines the high-quality design and ensures that it is solely based on clients’ opinions. The group takes into account every aspect of the industry, users, and stakeholders. Furthermore, with the exceptional development capacity, the designers differentiate themselves from the competition.

At Divami Design labs, the UX UI consultants with a collaborative approach involve key stakeholders in understanding the project and bringing alignment in terms of end-user persona and business needs. This approach endows the firm as one of the best user experience (UX) design companies at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below proves the quality service offerings rendered by Divami Design Labs.

Nidhi quote on workign with Divami on goodfirms

Besides this, the organization also holds a team of expert app designers who crafts the apps giving the best clientele experience. Based on clients’ target user personas and changing UI UX landscape, the expert designers’ team delivers & designs experiences and user flows to enhance user engagements. Using the most advanced scalable digital technologies, the app designers’ engineer solutions that are future-ready and complement clients’ existing technology stack and tech roadmap.

Naveen further elaborates more by mentioning that most clients reach out to Divami Design Labs for their UX UI Design & Development projects. The team also provides UX strategy and consulting to them as they consider them as the partners and want their business to succeed and grow.

With regular meetings and discussions, the professional team keeps the feedback loop open and keeps the clients updated on every little change. In these meetings, the group shares the work progress through wireframes and screens, clarifies their concerns, answers their questions, and explains every small iteration. Thus, outfitted with such a proficient team of app designers, Divami Design Labs earns a title as one of the top mobile app design companies in Hyderabad listed at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms proves the proficiency of app designs at Divami Design Labs.

another review on DIvami Design Labs as published in Goodfirms

Having gone through the thorough information about the company and its services shared by Naveen, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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