Innovators are Creators & Curators



Everything that needs to be said is already said. But since nobody is listening, everything must be said again.” – Andre Gide

While change is constant, how much of a design or concept changes over time is up for debate. 

Designers often face the burden of creating something completely original. We like being excited about fresh ideas and turning a blank canvas into the next big thing of the industry.

We call it INNOVATION.

But in recent times how often have you come up with ‘something new’? 

I know, just having to think about that depresses and disturbs us. BUT it’s okay to fall back into old patterns and rely on the collection of ideas or inspirations you have seen, read or used.

After years of experience as a UX Designer, I have come to terms with the fact that every new idea is an amalgamation of great inspirations and ideas presented with a fresh perspective. 

Who are Creators?

You know those rare euphoric moments when something unique and utterly different is created?

Creators are those who recognize the ability to turn inspirations into effective designs. But have you ever wondered how they are doing that? If you have then let me relieve you from this pressure of creating by telling you that, there are no new ideas under the sun. Most often than not designers recycle inspirations and build the perfect design solution. The best designers know when and where to invest in innovation based on different requirements. 

It is crucial to understand that nothing comes from nowhere. The purpose-based remix of old ideas and inspirations is a creative form of rebuilding something unique. While original creation is a different high, finding the perfect balance of creation and curation gives you the freedom of vision.

So are you a Curator?

What is originality? Undetected plagiarism.” – William Ralph Inge

You’re a curator when you rely on your instincts and hone the ability to repurpose ideas and inspirations to deliver something better and efficient. Good designers often build a stock of ideas that help them produce effective and purpose-based designs. 

In this digital age, believing no concept is new and off-limits is great but it is also important to remember that there’s a fine line between knowing what is worth curating and what is not. If you observe the work of renowned designers in any industry, you will realize that all their designs, while inspiration driven, are not a direct replica of old ideas. Every new idea is usually an evolved and unique combination of one or more old ideas. 

You’re a curator when you embrace this and turn into one of your core abilities while designing.

Then who are Innovators?

Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” – J.K. Rowling

You are as good as the stuff you surround yourself with which is why creators and curators are both innovators.


Let me explain. 

Innovation is a remix of creation and curation. When you sit down to design something. You always go along with an open mind. Designers who take layout inspirations are also innovators when the end result is a magnificent evolved design solution. 

Innovators are not focused on creating something new every single time. Side projects, procrastination, and even hobbies will sometimes give you inspiration. Innovators adapt these inspirations to create something better and effective.

To put it simply, a design idea can come from anywhere and this is where creativity builds from. You’re an innovator when you make peace with being both a creator and curator and inculcate this into your design system.     

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