6 Reasons SaaS Companies Need In-App Messaging



SaaS companies earlier viewed in-app messaging as an add-on rather than a necessity. Today, in a completely changed world and with people prioritizing services differently, communicating directly with customers in real time is a sine qua non for growth.

In 2022, about 3 in 4 companies that used in-app messaging are happy with the result. This way, a large portion of all customer service interactions are now through digital and self-service channels (such as instant messaging on social networks, messaging apps and live chat).

Many brands already embraced automatic messaging and integrated it into both their social media and customer service strategies in order to accommodate the large number of interactions and services required.

While many are just starting to fully adapt, your company can’t be left behind. Of course, you too need to optimize communication with your SaaS company, so we’ll show you the top reasons to adapt in-app messaging and become a reference in your workspace. Let’s see how.

Why you should use in-app messaging for your SaaS project

1. Integrating communication channels

Traditional communication channels such as social networks limit the number of people who can connect to a single account and do not have a platform tailored to good customer service. This means, among other things, limiting:

– Number of messages that can be responded to

– Number of users in a single account

– Organizing messages, sales or orders

– Having clear statistics

– No presence of bots or automatic allocators

In-App messaging has a clear advantage in terms of the above points. These tools are fully designed to improve your customer service and sales. Every message a customer sends, regardless of the channel or social network, arrives in one place, and here the multiple agents connected to the tool can respond, invoice, and even measure business performance in an organized way.

The integrated way of working gives you all the information you need to communicate efficiently.

2. Optimizing responses with multi-user system

One of the most important reasons to use internal messaging programs is that they are multi-user, meaning that more than one user can have an account within the tool and reply to messages from your connected social networks. For example, more than 5 people can be connected to the same Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram without having to directly open accounts in social networks.

By allowing multiple people to participate, you can set up a solid customer support system that will not let any customer contact get lost in the shuffle. You’ll also have multiple features for sales or customer service, such as metrics, autoresponders and even CRM.

In-app messages have a great advantage: depending on which one you use, you can automate or semi-automate your processes. Semi-automation is always best because today’s potential customers prefer to talk to people at some point.

Many have automated routing that can quickly take care of your customers and assign them to the team they want to talk to (sales, support, complaints, etc.). This way, your processes are simplified and your efficiency is maximized.

3. Improving customer retention and loyalty

Capturing your customers’ attention long enough to make an impression can be a challenge in itself, but in-app messaging solves that problem. Instead of making big changes at the marketing level, create small moments that have a big impact on customers.

Speed, convenience, expert help, and friendly service are key elements to creating a memorable customer experience. With in-app messaging, you can easily customize proactive instant messages, automation flows, and bots to create memorable customer experiences that create lasting customer retention.

For example, your SaaS company can share status and delivery updates with customers via WhatsApp. You can use an automated instant messaging stream to send customers the answers they have been looking for most without having to ask for them.

This seamless customer experience can lead to a significant drop in support tickets and complaints in general. A satisfied customer stays with you for the long haul.

4. Maintaining a personal approach

One of the best ways that digital communication systems offer SaaS companies is to reach specific audiences with personalized instant messages. Plus, instant messaging lets you integrate your customer data into large-scale platforms.

You can add your social media and instant messaging information to your customer relationship management platform (e.g., CRM) and ensure a seamless experience for your customers and your employees who deal with them directly.

To enable personalization at scale, you can customize instant messaging bots and introduce some automation into your customer interaction and customer service workflows to handle repetitive questions.

Setting up bots to automatically respond to queries will ensure they receive a quick response. Seamlessly handing off bots to human agents ensures that customers continue to receive the benefits of a personal touch, wrapped in a seamless experience.

5. Providing real-time service

It can take a normal customer service team hours and hours to respond to a request made through a website. This time means you lose opportunities for sales or loyalty, as the user is served with delay.

A digital messaging service allows you to give an automatic and immediate response without the need for a team to be available 24 hours a day, reducing labor costs greatly. In addition, they can learn from previous interactions with the customer to provide personalized service and fluid communication.

You have more tools than ever to communicate with a customer and, more importantly, give them an immediate and satisfying response. In 2022, no one has time for phone calls, automated announcements and the dreaded music on hold.

Convenient and fast instant messaging facilitates almost face-to-face interaction between you and your customers in a straightforward way. Customers can interact with your brand and contact customer service to resolve issues in their own time and through a familiar channel.

6. Running successful marketing campaigns

A successful marketing campaign is characterized by the fact that you can achieve your goal immediately and massively. It’s possible for you to send messages to your customers, instantly and without restrictions for:

– Notes and warnings on the availability of new products

– Product planning and recommendations

– Offers and discounts you have and more on special dates, such as Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and any time when software purchases increase

– Advantages of purchasing any software

– New functionalities to increase your sales while facilitating and optimizing your customers’ experience during the business process

– Initiate conversations with all those customers and prospects who have agreed to receive this type of communication and get feedback

By understanding your target audiences you can develop powerful marketing strategies, , provide better customer service, interact better with your customers, and develop better products.

The data you collect through social media and instant messaging helps you understand how people feel about your brand. It’s not just about metrics, but also about identifying the “online sentiment” of your audience.

Moreover, understanding how people think about your brand can help you keep your marketing and product development efforts on track.

Make the most of it for your SaaS company

In-app messaging has become an indispensable resource for sales and customer service in the SaaS world. Direct communication will always increase the productivity of your business.

However, it’s not enough to install any messaging system and then let contacts migrate. If you really use this tool together with a good SEO and/or communication strategy, it will help you build a solid bond with your customers and give your brand more attention in the long run. You really need in-app messaging for:

–> Unifying communication channels for better information processing: You will be able to take the necessary actions for your brand if you can receive and analyze all the responses from your customers

–> The ability to have your entire customer service team working at the same time: This way you avoid losing anything along the way

–> To serve your customers by actively listening and making them feel that you consider them: A customer will remain loyal to your services this way

–> Massive automation of communication without losing real and tangible contact: You can still provide a service where people talk to people, you just remove the delays and obstacles

–> Respond on the spot and in real time: By simply noting and accepting a complaint, claim or request, you have the time to deal with it at your leisure and move from the big picture to the small picture

–> Offer your customers everything you have available and make it palatable to them: The best marketing campaign is the one that is direct without being pushy

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