Sparking the “what if” with design fiction



Designers and creative thinkers love sci-fi movies. At least here in Divami, we all are fans of sci-fi. What could be the reason that we all love the same type? So, when asked we say, “These are so fascinating” Isn’t it? While watching these kind of movies, we always wonder what if we could build a similar gadget or what if we try the same technology to create a product to help humankind.

In fact, there are a few inventions that are actually inspired by sci-fi movies. For instance, tablets were inspired by the Star Trek movie where all characters used a similar kind of device. Wondering if flying cars can be the inspiration for the next invention? Opening the secret, Hyundai has already started working on the flying car business recently. 

Today where the world is moving towards designing the fiction, the future is no more predestined. Designers are continually making efforts to provide the best to the world. 

Designers are futurists by nature and try to bring ideas to life which are best ever. They give life to ideas in everyday life. They tend to design while imagining the future and the possible use cases. While designers create for the near future, design fiction is an opportunity for the designers to explore beyond and embrace technology. Design fiction gives freedom to explore endless thoughts in our world where capital and other limitations often restrict ideas.

One such possibility has become feasible through design fiction and is helping humankind in an ideal way. A smart media device called Dot mini that becomes a strong pillar of the visually impaired serves them to read digital texts. It uses AI to surpass the translators and gives the disabled the best reading experience.  With gaining tact of IoT experience in 2020, we will also see immersive design fictions using VR to translate new design opportunities into integrated experiences.

Now, giants like Microsoft, Google, and Apple have hired science fiction writers to do “design fiction.” The writers come up with new probabilities with the help of technology that observe possible future. 

With this fast-paced world, it feels like our stories and movies are shaping future possibilities. Soon we will be experiencing our sci-fi gadgets from movies with the advancements of machine language and AI. Which one would you want to experience? Let us know which gadget is being most awaited.  

Design fiction is all about sparking our imaginations and daring to do something marvelous. To wrap-up here’s a beautiful line:

“First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.” -Walt Disney

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