What is the Cost of a Redesign?



The design philosophy of your platform/app speaks volumes for the personality of your brand. If your web/mobile platform is cluttered, it will naturally appear unorganized and inefficient. On the other hand, incorporating smart negative space and sleek design seem professional and appeals to the user base. It doesn’t matter how good your product or your service is, if prospects cannot figure out their way to your checkout page, the conversions will plummet.
If your offering does not work well, or if the website search doesn’t yield the desirable options, your website/app could use a redesign.  However, the cost of a redesign coupled with the uncertainty of the result might delay the overall effort. In this blog, we will try to answer the simple question associated with the cost of a redesign from the point of view of an SME.

Why Do You Need A UI UX Revamp?

There might be hundreds of reasons for an SME to consider a design revamp.

Changing the user experience of your website/app could in itself be a marketing strategy; associated with changing the personality of your brand, differentiating marketing goals, or solving the performance issues. 

As much as 61% of mobile website visitors claim they’ll quickly move to another site if yours doesn’t quickly provide the answers they’re looking for. And if the user clicks on a link that takes too much time to load or lands them on an error 404 page, you know they’re never coming back.
You don’t want your users to have to learn your UX. That’ll make them feel like they have more work to do than they did before. Just ask any fresh-out-of-college graduate how scared they are of Microsoft Excel because for the life of them they can’t figure out how that AutoSum feature works!
You probably know you could use a revamp, but you’re still on the fence regarding the cost of the redesign. We’re here to help you make your decision, let’s get right to the meat and potatoes and answer the next question on your mind:

What is the cost of a redesign, anyway?

The cost of a UX UI revamp is dependant on the complexities of the project. You don’t pay the same price for every phone you buy, right? They’re distinguished by the features inside of them, the quality, and the output they give. Similarly, multiple factors can affect the cost of a web app/ mobile app revamp. Before we get into the cost, let’s get an idea of why the cost can differ from project to project.

What Determines The Final Cost?

1. Platforms:

If you want your app to work on both Android and iOS, the price naturally goes up. Since both have different optimization requirements, two different versions of your app will need to be created.

2. Number of screens:

Each screen has different UI UX requirements. If multiple screens need to be designed, the hours spent working on them will increase too. The more pages your platform/app has, the more you’ll have to invest.

3. Complexity of the design:

Based on your needs and requirements from the design, the cost may fluctuate. The number of animations you want, the added graphical elements, and the attention to detail- these all contribute towards the cost significantly. 

4. Agency you go with:

Of course, the skill level of the UX UI designers will determine the price as well. Their specific hourly rates, and the efficiency with which they work. Making sure you select the right agency will give you the most bang for your buck.

The Final Price

With all said and done, it might cost somewhere between $10,000-$50,000 to revamp your platform or web/mobile app. The wide range in the price is because of the intricacies mentioned earlier, as no two projects are ever the same.

Keep in mind that you won’t be charged only for the end product. This price includes multiple stages such as researching, virtual designing, building wireframes, and developing prototypes since all of them have their respective challenges.

How much time will the redesign take?

Now that we know how much a spa day for your platform is going to cost, how much time will you have to spend in the waiting room before it comes out all rejuvenated?

Based on your expectations, the various factors at play, and the size of the project, redesigning can take anywhere from two weeks to four months.

How Will A UI UX Redesign Help My Business?

In a study, as much as 88% of the customers claimed they wouldn’t use a website with a bad interface twice. Think about it, when was the last time you patiently waited for a page to load? If it takes longer than 4 seconds, you know you’re already clicking that little ‘X’ button on the tab.

Forrester claims that $1 invested in UX results in a return of $100. With ROI like this, you’re 100% likely to forget all about that cryptocurrency you’ve been googling and instead invest in a good UX.

As much as 21% of US shoppers abandon their cart because the checkout process is too complicated. Airbnb credits their UX for their now billion-dollar business, after a shaky start.

These results speak for themselves, really.


The cost of a redesign may seem much but it yields unquestionable benefits, and the best part is, you can measure the benefits internally. If you’re rebranding, looking to increase customer retention, or just want a fancy product that makes users come back again and again, you shouldn’t hesitate before spending money on the redesign. And since you’re already on the Divami website, you’ve found the best place to get started.

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