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Responsive Application Performance Management Platform
Appedo is an Application Performance Management Platform that caters to various customers across the globe with a focus on quick and efficient identification of performance bottlenecks. Their solution includes pre-production performance testing/tuning and post-production monitoring. Their platform works on-premise and also on cloud.

Divami was approached to enhance the overall user experience of their platform and also to ensure that the experience is responsive across all form-factors. Our goal was to support the USP of Appedo to make it “Easy to use and intuitive responsive interface”.

Our goal was to enable its users to be able to monitor all the modules from under one umbrella.

Our target users for the application was to cover all those who belonged to IT/Network Operations Team, Marketing Team, Testing Team, Development Team and various Business Teams.
To make it user centric, we redefined the application where the overall information flow was defined as a combination of Information blocks and actions. These Information blocks provided an insight into the actuals and paved way to further actions. For example one of the views allowed the user to deep dive into the entire application very easily and very quickly to identify the root cause of the issue. We refined the overall flow such that a user could get temporarily connected to these applications, browse through the data (Actions) and build a plan of action.

We created a role based dashboard that shows metrics to cater to the need of the role. The other aspects included “smart adaptation” of the application based on the user’s role.

We resolved the aspect of making the entire application responsive by prioritizing the on screen content based on the information flow and the viewports/breakpoints. We defined the navigation approach, content, overall user experience and used fluid grids with flexible media queries to make the application performance management platform an easy to use application across its target user base.
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Raja T, Founder & CEO, FreeBnB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.