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Real-time event management application for an island that survives on tourism
Aruba is a small island of size 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across with a population of above 100,000 and a tourist economy of 2.5 million per year. They entertain tourists from various countries and have majority of the tourists who speak English, Spanish and Papiamento. The challenge was to provide a mobile application that would overcome the limitations of their static website and provide various services and promotions on the many tourist friendly events on the island.

Divami was assigned to create a mobile application (iOS and Android) what would use the current technologies of 4G, GPS, WiFi and provide a real-time event management application where the tourists can view the real-time updates based on the packages and services chosen. The scope was also to create an admin portal for all the vendors to post their offers and services.
After our analysis, we looked aspects of gamification and how users can be enticed into using the application. To make the application interesting, we highlighted the aspect of providing coupons and listing the events on user′s calendar within the app. Also, to ensure that we have a wider patronage, we suggested for inclusion of local events like garage sales, school events etc.

Overall, we provided a platform where there are a wide variety, yet easy to view options for the tourists and to have the best possible experience of the island′s facilities and services.
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Raja T, Founder & CEO, FreeBnB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.