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Online service for Trusted Car Care with a great user experience across all devices
Carama, powered by Castrol, is an online Car Care service company, primarily operating in the area of Klang Valley, Malaysia. Carama, aided by the support of certified and listed workshops, strives to form the bridge between Car owners and Workshops.

Divami was assigned the task to redesign the website to improve the overall User Experience (UX ). Our challenge was to make the only Malaysian online Car Care provider the best in terms of user experience and drive more users to avail their service.
As part of our groundwork, we understood that though Carama was having the monopoly in the market, we could drive better usage by bringing in the aspect of “emotion and trust” and simpler and better user experience to various form factors that the service would be accessed in.

Our solution consisted of creating a free flowing layout infused with graphics that invoke trust and emotion. We rearranged the existing information pertaining to feedback, promotions, and also redesigned their overall search experience to find the nearest service centers.

This project included research that spanned other similar services across the globe and the infusion of reducing the cognitive load on the user to create an experience that allowed Carama to meet its business goals via our strategic UX solution.
World class designs & services!
Raja T, Founder & CEO, FreeBnB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.