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Responsive, Scalable Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) tool for hospitals
ComTec provides services and solutions to its clients across Finance, Health, Telecom and Utilities. All hospitals are to conduct an annual review of all possible hazards and ComTec wanted to enhance its existing online HVA solution to be scalable to tablet users. The main concern was to provide a great user experience to HVA user base that can enable them have a seamless experience to meet their HVA goals.

Divami was assigned to redesign the overall experience of the tool and create the appropriate wireframes, mockups with visualization along with responsive HTMLs.
ComTec had provided a requirement document, but our first challenge was to identify and finalize a huge set of existing flows that had to be simplified and streamlined. This involved a lot of brainstorming and collaborative work with ComTec′s India and US teams before we finalized the overall flows. We then redefined the overall Information Architecture of the HVA tool and established patterns that reduces the overall cognitive load and at the same time introduced various visual cues and metaphors to ensure smoother usage of the tool.

We arrived the boundaries of implementation early so that our responsive solution catered to the target form factors without compromising on the overall UX of the HVA tool.
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Raja T, Founder & CEO, FreeBnB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.