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Online store mainly focussing on 'Do It Yourself Kit' project solutions for engineering & diploma students with electrical & electronics background
EDGEFX is an online store which offers project kits to engineering & diploma students. Their vision is to provide students with cutting edge technology project ideas along with required material in the form of a kit. They are passionate about encouraging students to experiment, innovate and enjoy the whole experience of project execution.

Edegfx approached us when they discovered that there are a lot of students who call them up to identify project kits instead of searching and discovering on their website. Edgefx wanted us to suggest on how to make the site simple & yet engaging, to help students find the right projects and enhance their overall experience.
Our challenge was to present their existing complex content in a simple & convincing way, provide engaging interfaces and help students find the information they are looking for.

As part of our groundwork, we interviewed engineering & diploma students to document and assess their current choices of projects & execution. Our assessment helped us narrow down their pain points and expectations in project selection & execution.

Apart from this, we also did our research on shopping and eCommerce that helped the customer decide the overall changes to their existing adopted framework.

This approach helped us provide a strategic UX solution.

From an overall experience perspective, we simplified searching and selecting a project by accommodating all types of students and divided the projects into categories to help students search by category.

We also created a free flowing layout infused with graphics that invoke trust.

From a development perspective, our challenge was to make changes to the existing UI of the framework without impacting the underlying architecture. This challenge too was overcome by training our talented team who understood the framework in a short time and implemented the UI and User Experience seamlessly.

After launching the new website, Edgefx business has increased tremendously not just in India but across the globe. They now have clients in 20+ countries and currently stock 600 projects
World class designs & services!
Raja T, Founder & CEO, FreeBnB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.