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India specific mobile drug information guide
Medicopia is a mobile pharmacopeia application intended for use by healthcare professionals at the point of patient care. It serves as a reference tool allowing healthcare providers to access prescription information on medications approved for use in the Indian market . The information contained in the application includes generic as well as brand names of medicines, indication(s) for their use, dosing for specific illnesses, adverse drug reactions, contraindications for use, and pharmacology of the drug in question. This application will provide health care workers with comprehensive and accurate drug reference guide in the palm of their hand.

Our challenge was to rival similar application and provide a better user experience - along with reaching out to a wide Indian audience.
We research similar applications/services globally and identified areas that were the biggest bane in these applications. We looked at specific pharmacopeia books and identified a better information representation. Based on the analyzed information flow, we worked in parallel on digitizing the existing information from these pharmacopeia books - which also allowed us to better the overall database management.

Overall, our solution ensured that more drug details are available in an easy to search and navigate interface.
World class designs & services!
Raja T, Founder & CEO, FreeBnB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.