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Single pane BigData Business Intelligence Tool
Metric Center
Amazing work every time! Your designs never fail to impress. Great Job!
- Ram Papineni
(Co-Founder, pSolv Inc.)
pSolv is a cross vertical BigData solution provider. Metric Centre is a “single pane of glass” tool for infrastructure/cluster monitoring, integrated with custom Key Performance Indicators (KPI), custom data Direct Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), and custom data collection connectors with embedded performance analytics. The tool is focused on analytics from a business perspective and allows for data analysis for specific and ad-hoc needs using BI tools such as Tableau.

Metic Centre is a tool that allows you to go beyond looking at just the infrastructure and jobs in a tabular manner, but allows determination of business impact, SLA monitoring, relative performances etc.

pSolv approached us to define the overall interaction, UI design and UI Development.
Post our analysis, we were able to establish the overall information flow and came up with a multitier layout where KPIs were at the top level, followed by a zoomed view of the various activities that can be navigated easily as per the timelines.

This resulted in the user being able to see all the important activities and its associated metrics in a single view. We infused easy filtering options to indicate what type of activity the user would want to see and drill down upon. The user also had the ability to move various task windows anywhere in the dashboard for easy prioritization and management.

We used colours a combination of contrasting colours to ensure that the prominence of important information is retained.

UI development was done using pure JavaScript and D3. This ensured that we are able to deliver high performance and responsive application.