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Collaborative Crowdsourced platform that provides a 'living timeline' to preserve the finest moments of your school/college life
MYL as it is known, was already an established platform where students from various institutes could share and store their memories via photos, videos etc., as it happens. But the MYL stakeholders realized that there is something amiss - as many of its users were accessing their website via mobile and tablets.

The design of the website prevented the MYL users to have the right kind of experience on the mobile and tablet devices.

Divami was engaged to provide a better user experience for MYL users who use mobile and tablets
Divami, as a groundwork, assessed the information provided by the MYL stakeholders and arrived at a strategic approach towards the overall experience for the mobile and tablet users. Post our analysis, we recommended that the users should feel that they are in control of documenting the chronological events of their life.

This led to the finalization of the MYL vision from making their website responsive and compatible to mobile and tablet to have a proper base for better user experience.

We narrowed down the vision to having a “Living Timeline” to capture the memories of students. We then implemented this vision via creating a responsive design that catered to the overall experience for the user.
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Raja T, Founder & CEO, FreeBnB Technologies Pvt. Ltd.