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    My video is not playing in Angular UI

    As all of us already know that Angular framework picks up assets like fonts, images, media ..etc from src/assets folder. I have created videos folder in asserts directory and placed video.mp4 media file there. From Angular project home directory here is the path of my video file src/assets/videos/video.mp4

    When I tried to refer this video with the path assets/videos/video.mp4 from my Angular HTML file,


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    My Musings: One year in Design

    It was 33-degree Celsius on 21st April of 2017, however, it felt even hotter that day in Kochi. I had finished drinking coffee and was helping a student solve a problem on ‘Collections’ in Java, I got a call from the HR of Divami Design Labs, telling me that I had been offered a role as a User Experience Designer. It has been more than a year since then, and it won’t be an exaggeration if I say I have been a true user’s advocate ever since.


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    Some design questions that I ask myself

    User Experience Design is an adventurous journey. It consists of series of steps – user research, interactive prototypes, typography choices, color psychology and many more. Bringing an application to life, helping users experience the joy of using an application with ease, and ideating creatively is what really matters to me. I often ask myself lot of questions, before, during and after the project execution. A few of them are …

    1. How can I create unconventional interactions &


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    Divami ranked among top 5 UI/UX companies in India By Silicon India

    And we do it again: Divami Design Labs has been ranked among the Top 5 UX/UI Design Companies in India for the year 2018. Silicon India Magazine found Divami a digital disruptor and considered us as one of the most user passionate companies in India. This award proves our competency to digitally transform businesses across varied sectors. We thank Silicon India magazine for reaffirming our top-notch execution abilities.

    For more details,


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    Human cognition principles that could shape UX

    My style of blog writing is usually opinion based. However, in this article, I will leverage the research done in the field of Psychology over the years and will try to connect some of the known theories to UX design. These principles, when applied, could help us create better designs.

    1.  Serial position effect: People have a tendency to best remember the first and last item of a series.


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    Geography, Culture and UX Design

    When you look at a picture on your computer or smartphone, what catches your eye? Surprisingly, the answer to that question might differ depending upon where you were raised. According to research by psychologist Richard Nisbett, Chinese and American people see the world differently!  Americans focus on the central objects of photographs, while Chinese individuals pay more attention to the image as a whole. Astounding, isn’t it ?

    Another study done by same psychologist also cites the differences in language development in the cultures.


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    మౌనానికి ఎన్నో ముఖ చిత్రాలు ( various faces of silence )

    పూల రేకుల లాలిత్యాన్ని మరపిస్తుంది
    కత్తి అంచు కాఠిన్యాన్ని తలపిస్తుంది
    తృణీకార సందేశానికి ప్రతీక అవుతుంది
    ఖేదాన్ని మోదాన్ని
    రాగాన్ని ద్వేషాన్ని
    సుఖాన్ని దుఃఖాన్ని
    విషాన్ని మాధుర్యాన్ని… భాషాంతరీకరిస్తుంది.
    పలుకుది శబ్ద భాషణ, మౌనానిది నిశ్శబ్ద భాషణ.
    అనుచిత సంభాషణను తుంచి వేయగల మందు మౌనం.
    Finally మౌనేన కలహం నాస్తి.
    భాషాంతరీకరణ  =  Expressing in a different language
    తృణీకారము = Neglect
    ప్రతీక = Symbol
    ఖేదము = grief
    మోదము = Happiness
    రాగము = Affection
    అనుచిత = Improper


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    Bridging the Gap between UX & CX: Possible?

    A few weeks back, I was flying from Kochi to Hyderabad. Since I have been flying frequently these days, I considered the idea of accumulating frequent flyer miles with one of the airlines. On further research, I decided to go with one airline and downloaded their app.

    Though I have never used a mobile application for booking air tickets before, I found the application very simple and easy to use. As a UX designer,