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Some design questions that I ask myself

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User Experience Design is an adventurous journey. It consists of series of steps – user research, interactive prototypes, typography choices, color psychology and many more. Bringing an application to life, helping users experience the joy of using an application with ease, and ideating creatively is what really matters to me. I often ask myself lot of questions, before, during and after the project execution. A few of them are …

  1. How can I create unconventional interactions & interfaces which are still easy to use?
  2. How can I reduce the complexity of certain interactions and reward power users?
  3. How should I encourage users to signup to the application?
  4. How can we make the application stand out among similar products?
  5. How will the stakeholders react to the first look of the application?
  6. What are the odds of my designs failing? And what could be the reasons for failure?
  7. Can I further simplify the design interactions and enhance user experience?
  8. Is a particular feature/information worth displaying by default? Is it that important?
  9. Have I done user research correctly? Do I know my users well enough?
  10. How can I depict the application uniquely/ creatively?
  11. How will I make sure that the designs are executed correctly on all resolutions?
  12. How will I make sure I am thinking like the user and not as myself while I am designing the application?
  13. How can I better enable developers to execute the design optimally in the given timelines?

I believe, as designers, we need to keep asking questions at different stages of the design process. They sure will simulate our thought process for delivering optimal designs.

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